Facts & Red Flags 


1. Mini Pigs have a rather long life span.  They can live up to 18-20 years.

2. Mini Pigs are fourth down on the intelligence list, following behind humans, primates, dolphins/whales.

3. Mini Pigs do not have fur, they have hair.  They shed their hair in the Spring/Summer only    to grow it back in the Fall/Winter.

4. Mini Pigs are hypoallergenic.

5. Mini Pigs are one ot the cleanest animals on earth.

6. Mini Pigs can be trained to use a litter box, however, please do not use cat litter as it is
  toxic to mini pigs. Use pine shavings or pellets.

7. Mini Pigs can also be trained to do tricks.  I have one that loves to show me her "Pretty Teeth". She is always smiling.

8. Mini Pigs can also be harness trained to allow them to walk on a leash, just like a dog.

9. Mini Pigs make several different noises to communicate with their piglets and their forever
family as well. ‚Äč 

Some of the noises are:

          Grunting: Usually the noise a mother makes when feeding her piglets.

          Barking: A warning of danger nearby.

          A quiet Panting: Usually the pigs way of saying "Hello" or being friendly.

          Squealing: A sign of anticipation usally when about to be fed or in pain as well.

          A rough coughing noise: Usually means your pig is annoyed about something.

Red Flags

1. Weight Guarantee - This is just a sale tactic. No one can guarantee a weight of any animal. 

Their weight is also dependent on their forever family. They can not be given free rain over food because they will just eat and eat.  YOU MUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES ON THE BAG OF MAZURI MINI PIG FEED. This and exercise will ensure a pig that is a healthy and happy.

2. Beware of breeders claiming to produce pigs under 20 pounds, when their breeding pigs are clearly bigger then that.

3. Please beware of breeders breeding all sorts of different animals.  They are only after
money, so please, beware.

4. If a breeder is bottle feeding their piglets, there is a problem. The only time someone
should bottle feed is if something has happened with Momma.

   5. Never buy an unweaned piglet.  Unweaned piglets have a 50/50 chance of survival.